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  • Redon was, with Gustave Moreau , one of the leading artists of the French Symbolist movement. He was born in Bordeaux and trained for a brief period with Jean-Léon Gérôme . His earlier work consisted chiefly of drawings and prints of imaginary and
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  • And my third strange coincidence occurred today. After a quick stint in the library I left to prepare for a flight back to the UK, stopping first to meet a friend for coffee. On my way I was stopped by a « chugger » with the usual greeting of « you look
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  • The work of Redon portrays a dream world, inhabited by fairies, monsters, spirits and other fantasy figures. This makes him typically representative of symbolism, an art movement in the late 19th century with a strong leaning towards the subconscious, the
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  • Nothing can be created in art by the will alone. All art is the submission of the will to the unconscious. –Odilon RedonPainting is an essentially physical language made up of what is visible. That which is abstract and invisible does not belong to
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  • Odilon Redon 1840 – 1916 was a French artist who was part of the symbolism movement at the end of the nineteenth century. His images are often of a mythical and fantasy nature, dream-like or night-marish depending on the subject and the materials
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